What We Do – We Do For You

“What if you could choose to eat healthy and feel better every day? I know you would, IF convenient and tasty options were available. I’m living proof that you can make better choices! It’s exciting to share with you this easy and delicious way to eat healthy and hassle-free. Try the Healthy Meals Supreme meals now and you’ll be amazed at just how easy and great tasting it is and how much better you’ll feel. It’s simple, Eat Healthy…Save Time…Feel Better!” — Joe Martinez, founder, president and chief commercial officer, Healthy Meals Supreme

We understand how you feel and that’s okay.

It may be that you’re in a rush, not enough hours in the day and the last thing you want to do is cook when you get home. It’s easier to grab something on the run, even if that choice is not good for you. Or maybe you do have time to cook, but following the exact suggestions of your doctor, coach, or nutritionist is a frustrating challenge. Where do I find all the ingredients? Did I measure each right? It’s enough to make your head spin, give up and just grab something easy, but unhealthy to eat.

This is where Healthy Meals Supreme enters the picture.

Our meals and meal plans are designed to remove the guilt and help you feel good about following the meal guidance you receive from your doctor, trainer, or nutritionist. You can follow their guidance with total ease and immediate success. We do all the shopping, calculations, measuring and cooking for you. You just “heat it and eat it” – it’s that simple!

Our meals and meals plans are created based on scientific research and culinary medicine principles. We take the guesswork out of it for you to eat better. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!  

  1. Choose your favorite meals or meal program and enjoy.
  2. Enjoy the immediate benefits of great taste and time-saving convenience.
  3. Be on the path of healthy eating and feeling better.

  • Our recipes and meal plans are crafted, tested and approved by two highly experienced and successful professionals in the culinary arts field: Karl Guggenmos and Joe Martinez.

    Global Master Chef Karl has more than 50 years of experience in the culinary arts. He is a World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) certified global master chef and consulted on the culinary medicine program established at the Goldring Center of Culinary Medicine at Tulane University Medical School.  This program has been adopted by more than 35 medical schools across the United States.

    Joe is a registered pharmacist, a veteran entrepreneur, diabetes educator, and culinary medicine specialist.  Joe has lived with diabetes for over 20 years and is in the best shape of his life. HMS grew from his struggles to eat healthy and now he happily shares them with you. Read Joe’s personal story by clicking here.

  • There are many home delivery meal programs in the market today. Here’s what we feel makes HMS different and yes, we’ll say it – ‘better’?  Our meals are:

    1. ALWAYS freshly-prepared, never frozen nor freeze-dried.
    2. Made from the highest quality ingredients, by HMS staff at HMS facilities which meet all cleanliness and health standards.  HMS does not outsource any part of its preparation process.
    3. Vacuum-packed in recyclable microwaveable containers, the same type of food processing that was used to ensure the healthy nutrition for our Space Shuttle Astronauts. And, why is this important?
      • Meals can be delivered fresh nationwide.
      • Oxygen is removed from the package, which guards against food spoilage and gives the meal package greater security.
      • Food dehydration from your refrigerator is reduced.
      • Meals stay hygienic, safe and maintain their flavor for a full week in the refrigerator.
  • Who are you?

    • Convenience and Healthy Eating – People on the go who want to eat healthy or healthier and just don’t have the time to plan, shop and cook their meals and then clean up afterwards.
    • Aging Parents – Grown children who want to provide for their aging parents who don’t want to or cannot afford to go into assisted living or a long-term care nursing home. No more worries that grandpa or grandma will forget to turn off the stove or oven, or even cut themselves while preparing their meals.
    • Medical Conditions – People AND their families struggling with chronic disease (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, kidney/dialysis, neurological/Alzheimer’s and dementia), who want to eat meals that strictly follow nationally published nutritional guidelines to support their respective medical therapies and treatments. Guidelines include those of the American Diabetes Association®, the American Heart Association®, and The National Kidney Foundation® to name a few*.

    Healthy Meal Supreme’s four-week menu rotation of freshly prepared, delicious and hassle-free individual meal choices and meals plans help you to get where you want to go nutritionally – there’s something special for everyone.  Yes, you can overcome the bad food choices and succeed in eating healthy to achieve your specific and personal meal goals.

    • High protein-low carb for weight loss and muscle building
    • 1,000 calories per day meal plans for the calorie conscious and for those who just want to eat healthy **
    • Heart Healthy – AHA (American Heart Association) low-sodium & low- fat/cholesterol Mediterranean and DASH food guidelines
    • Diabetes Friendly – ADA (American Diabetes Association) low-carb & high-protein, Mediterranean and DASH food guidelines
    • Dialysis Friendly – Sodium, protein and, potassium regulated intake as suggested by the NKF (National Kidney Foundation)
    • Neurological and Geriatric Friendly – Meals low in saturated fats, cholesterol, sodium, refined sugars and higher in Omega-3 FAs

    * HMS meals follow published food guidelines and are not endorsed by any listed association.

    ** Calories per day may vary depending on daily meal choices and/or weekly meal programs.

It is our pleasure, honor, and privilege to serve you.  We appreciate your vote of confidence and your business.