Top Six Ways to Achieve Baking Success at Home

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By Executive Chef Rich Sloan

Just imagine that you want to bake the perfect cake or pie. You try and try, but it never seems to come out just right. Here are six ways to help you achieve baking success and be the envy of your family and friends.


Rotate Your Pans in the Oven. 

Many home ovens heat unevenly and have hot spots.  The reasons can range from the type of oven to the age of the oven. Therefore, you may have to rotate your pans accordingly to avoid undercooked cookies or lopsided cakes.

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Measure Ingredients Accurately

Baking is a science. Be exact. Only Grandma can measure with her hand and make it come out perfect!  One cup of flour is different than one cup of sifted flour.  A dry measuring cup is different then a liquid measuring cup.


Don’t Substitute Ingredients.

Once again, baking is a science.  Baking powder is not interchangeable with baking soda. Sugar is not an even exchange with a sugar substitute.


Soften Your Butter.

A lot of baking recipes call for softened butter.  Let butter sit at room temperature for 30 minutes. Do not microwave the butter to make it soft.  Remember, patience is a virtue!


Don’t Overcook the Chocolate.

Melting chocolate is best with a double boiler. If using a microwave, heat in 20 second intervals and stir in between.  Once it’s overcooked it won’t have a smooth texture and there’s no going back…


Don’t Overheat Milk Products.

Over cooking can cause milk products to curdle or break causing a grainy texture, so heat the milk products slowly and keep a watchful eye.

Good luck!


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