Top 3 Ways To Handle Raw Chicken

By: WACS Global Master Chef Karl Guggenmos

Many people are confused about how to safely and properly handle raw chicken when preparing one for a meal. I am more than happy to help set the record straight.

Here are 3 simple points to remember when preparing a chicken for cooking:

  1.  Don’t thaw chicken on the counter or inside the sink but in the refrigerator.

The time it takes for the chicken to thaw outside the refrigerator allows for contamination because it’s exposed to the temperature danger zone (41-140 degrees ) for too long.

Also it’s always a good idea to remember and keep the exposure to the temperature danger zone to a minimum.

Put the chicken in a clean container and place that container on ice while fabricating.

  1.  Do not wash the chicken in the sink or under running water in the sink.

The potential for cross-contamination is too risky from the splashing of water off the chicken and onto the surrounding surfaces.

  1.  Dry the chicken properly.

The best way to dry a chicken after taking it out of the package is to place it on a dedicated, clean, sanitized work surface.

Once on the dedicated surface, dab it with a paper towel, dispose of the paper towel immediately after use and refrigerate the chicken right away and keep it safe!

Now the chicken is thawed, cleaned and ready for cooking. The next obvious question is: How to season and cook it? In next week’s blog, I’ll review my favorite and one of the most delicious ways to roast a chicken.  Yes, this is a cliff-hangar. Please stay-tuned!

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