Top 3 Healthy Cooking Gadgets

By Global Master Chef Karl Guggenmos

There are many claims made these days in support of all kinds of cooking tools and gadgets that will allow you to cook healthier – or so they say. While it is possible to process some foods in an easier manner, it doesn’t necessarily make them healthier.

In my opinion, there are three tools that are necessary to cook healthy. My choice is based on the fact that foods are healthy because of their biological make-up and not on how they are cut or prepped. Although, this may change when one applies certain cooking methods to them.

The fundamental principle is that all foods should be cooked by preserving most of their nutrients and not made subject to adding somewhat harmful other ingredients or added calories. Having said this, there are three essential tools for healthy cooking:

A Steamer – because it cooks foods, like vegetables, in the most gentle way and preserves nutrients. It is also great for cooking seafood in the same manner.

A Slow Cooker – it is great for cooking rice, making stews, soups and even roasts by using a slow gentle heat application that does not destroy nutrients and allows for less fat to be used for certain dishes.

A high speed processor –  They allow for making smoothies, vegetable and fruit drinks and other blended drinks as well as creamed and pureed soups and sauces.

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