The Many Joys of Apple Cider Vinegar

By, Joe Martinez, RPh, PDE, CMS, Founder and CCO, HMS

Contributor: Emily Simmons

Apple Cider Vinegar is all the rage these days, mainly because of its many health and household benefits.

Apple Cider Vinegar is multi-functional. For one, it works great as a house cleaner!  In the old days, it was used to clean wounds and kill armpit bacteria.  …now that’s flexibility! I know. You can laugh but it’s true anyway. It is known that bacteria is a main reason for the odor under your arms, and apple cider vinegar can kill it. The same is true when using it as a household cleaner and even to boost your laundry detergent. You can use it straight up or even mix it with baking soda to create a powerful, chemical free, cleaning agent.

Health Benefits

Some people have been known to use apple cider vinegar to treat itching and irritation. I personally have used apple cider vinegar to soothe a sunburn. It has a wonderful cooling effect that relaxes sunburned skin and also relieves the itch that comes when your skin begins to peel.  (Be careful and do not use on broken skin or severe burns.)

Apple Cider Vinegar can also be used as a food preservative. Data show that Apple Cider Vinegar may inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and keep food from spoiling. So perhaps get some of those pickling jars out, throw in some onions, beets, or any vegetable you love, and get pickling without any additives and unnecessary ingredients.

Research shows that Apple Cider Vinegar may also help with blood sugar control.   In the case of one study, participants were given a bagel, OJ, and butter. Following, the participants consumed 20 grams of apple cider vinegar or a placebo. Researchers checked blood glucose levels 30 and 60 minutes after the meal. They found that the Apple Cider Vinegar significantly lowered post-meal blood glucose levels. 

As exciting as this is, it’s best to always talk with your healthcare professional before changing any medicines or any other part of your current routine.

Finally, Apple Cider Vinegar may also help with weight loss, according to a study published by The Journal of Functional Foods.  Although the direct link between weight loss and vinegar has yet to be proven, a lot of people strongly argue in favor of this. 

How is Apple Cider Vinegar Made?

Now that we know what it does, let’s talk about how apple cider vinegar is made.  Some may say that the process is similar to that of making alcohol. First, apples (either crushed or juiced) are exposed to yeast, which is fermented and turns to alcohol. Bacteria is then added to the solution, which then turns it into acetic acid. Acetic acid is the main compound found in Apple Cider Vinegar.

From this point on, the various brands of Apple Cider Vinegar begin to differ. For example: Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar® is an un-filtered and organic type of vinegar. An unfiltered and organic Apple Cider Vinegar is best as it will normally contain ‘the mother’ which maintains all of the beneficial bacteria.

At Healthy Meals Supreme, organic and un-filtered ingredients are always our first choice and priority.  We are also proud to use Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar® in certain meals on our menu – all wonderfully DELICIOUS.

Would you like to try?  Here are a few choices:

Fresh Ginger Wild-caught Cod

With Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and served with Quinoa and Edamame

Mongolian Grass-fed Flank Steak

With Broccoli, Carrots and Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

Thai Chicken

With Spicy Cucumber Salad and Edamame and Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

* Always check with your doctor or healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet or exercise routine.

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