Success Stories

“Speaking as a 64 year young person, having eaten the food for 5 days, the result was better digestive action and better sleep. Those go hand in hand and I know I can truly attribute each to having eaten the Healthy Meals. I thank you.”

Barbara B., Park Ridge, NJ.

Barbara B Park Ridge NJ


Success Stories

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Working Parent

    Working Parent

    “These meals are a gift for the working parent. My family is eating healthier than ever and loving it! And all I have to do, at most, is order.”

    Nina M.
    Interior Designer
    Waverly, PA.
  • For The First Time...

    For The First Time...

    “For the first time, I am eating what I need to with ease. Thanks Healthy Meals Supreme for doing the heavy lifting for me.”

    Forrest C.
    Artist - Illustrator
    Providence, RI.
  • 64 year young!

    64 year young!

    “Having eaten the food for 5 days, the result was better digestive action and better sleep… I know I can truly attribute each to having eaten the Healthy Meals. I thank you.”

    Barbara B.
    Park Ridge, NJ.
  • Delish!


    David is a foodie and a Mac & Cheese fan. He is also a man of few words. His critique of Healthy Meals Supreme’s High Protein Mac & Cheese  – “Delish!”

    David H.
    Scranton, PA
  • It was delicious!

    It was delicious!

    “It was delicious! My husband, who is wary of anything labeled healthy or good for you, even admitted to it being really good.” 

    Steph N.
    Greenwich, CT.
  • Kudos to the Chef!

    Kudos to the Chef!

    Fantastic gourmet ginger chicken with brown rice, peppers, and pineapple. Just delicious! Healthy and low cal too. It’s so good, I could eat this many times a week for lunch AND dinner.

    Manny S.
    Harrisburg, PA
  • "Sooooooo good"

    "Sooooooo good"

    “Nonnie, those meals that you sent are sooooooo good. You know that I work crazy hours, and it’s so great to be able to heat and eat a delicious and healthy meal no matter what the time of day or night. Would you send me more please?” 

    New York
  • "Chef-cooked meal ready .. in minutes!"

    "Chef-cooked meal ready .. in minutes!"

    “It was such a pleasure to have a chef-cooked meal ready, from fridge to plate (to mouth!), in minutes!” 

    Mikey P.
    New York City
  • "So glad"

    "So glad"

    “My BFF told me to try out Healthy Meals Supreme. So glad I did!”

  • "Savory and Delicious"

    "Savory and Delicious"

    “How can this beef stew only be 330 calories? Savory and delicious and filling. Added just a pinch of salt to bring out the medley of  flavors.”

    Matt L.
    Chester, PA
  • "Delicious and Efficient"

    "Delicious and Efficient"

    “The meal was so delicious and efficient. I was able to order these online and enjoyed them fully prepared. Just heat them up. Those meals saved me from my busy week.”

    Christine S.
    Boston, MA
  • "More please!"

    "More please!"

    The Cajun Turkey Meatballs are soooo good. This is one of my favorite meals my mom gets from Healthy Meals Supreme. Thanks, Mom…more please….”

    Jayson S.
    New Jersey
  • "Perfect"


    “Arrived home from work today and heated up the Creole Bayou Shrimp. I swear it was one of the best things that I have ever tasted! Oh my gosh; it was so amazing. I would definitely order it again. I loved it. Perfect.”

    Beth Y.
    Princeton, NJ
  • Vegetarian meatballs

    Vegetarian meatballs

    Enjoying my Tuscan vegetarian meatballs for a nutritious quick lunch during a busy day in college!

  • Yay!


    A healthy prepared meal. Yay!

    Steph S.
    Philadelphia, PA
  • "Just wonderful!"

    "Just wonderful!"

    “My wife and I have busy schedules and don’t often have time or interest to cook. We love great food though and HAVE to eat healthy. A bottle of wine, Healthy Meals Supreme and my beautiful wife to share it with – just wonderful!”

    Fred S.
    NYC, NY
  • "Delicious, healthy and easy"

    "Delicious, healthy and easy"

    “Thanks so much Healthy Meal Supreme for cooking dinner this week for me and my family. Delicious, healthy and easy. Recommend!” 

  • "Delicious healthy brownie"

    "Delicious healthy brownie"

    About to enjoy the delicious healthy brownie to satisfy my sweet tooth by being kind to my body and giving it healthy food!

    Paula R.
  • "After a long day.."

    "After a long day.."

    “After a long day of teaching and recording a show, I am rewarding myself with Healthy Meals Supreme’s Lobster stuffed Squid-Ink Ravioli.”

  • "Convenient and Healthy!"

    "Convenient and Healthy!"

    Back after a run. Time for my Healthy Meals Supreme! Convenient and healthy!

    Holly M.
    Baltimore, MD
  • "They were so good!"

    "They were so good!"

    Tuscan Vegetarian Meatballs: You could have fooled me, they were so good. And with creamy herb risotto and snappy string beans. 

    New York
  • "You should try it!"

    "You should try it!"

    This is really good!  You should try it.

    Luke M.
    Baltimore, MD
  • "Fresh as can be"

    "Fresh as can be"

    The meals are perfectly portioned, fresh as can be, quality ingredients, extremely tasty, dietitian and pharmacist designed, easy to order and timely delivery. Healthy Meals Supreme goes above and beyond in the product delivery and customer service. I highly recommend using their service! You will be completely satisfied and, if followed correctly, will see the results you are looking for. 

    Lisa G.
    New Jersey