Medical Roundtable Recommends 7 Low Cost, Healthy Eating Initiatives To Improve Chronic Disease & Save Patients and the Healthcare System Money


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Medical Roundtable Recommends 7 Low Cost, Healthy Eating Initiatives

To Improve Chronic Disease & Save Patients and the Healthcare System Money


Medical Roundtable White Paper published by the Journal of Clinical Therapeutics


Princeton, NJ, October 31, 2019 — The Journal of Clinical Therapeutics published a Medical Roundtable white paper today listing the 7 unanimous healthy eating recommendations, of 9 leading medical and culinary medicine experts, to more efficiently, and cost effectively, treat and manage the growing number of people with chronic medical conditions.


The title of the white paper is “Culinary Medicine: Advancing a Framework for Healthier Eating to Improve Chronic Disease Management (CDM) and Prevention.”  The abstract can be found at this link:


The recommendations were formulated at a Key Opinion Leader medical roundtable discussion held in Dallas, TX in December 2018 and sponsored by Healthy Meals Supreme, LLC.


Co-authors include: Irl B. Hirsch, MD, Alison Evert, MS, RD, CDE, Alexander Fleming, MD, Linda M. Gaudiani, MD, FACP, FACE, Karl J. Guggenmos, MBA, AAC, Daniel I. Kaufer, MD, Janet B. McGill, MD, MA, FACE, Carol A. Verderese, BA and Joe Martinez, RPh, PDE, CMS.


“It is clear that the healthcare system cannot sustain, in the long term, the increasing costs of treatment for the growing number of people with chronic conditions.  During this round table we discussed various low cost, high impact ways to help patients achieve healthier living and relieve the escalating economic stress on both the patient and the healthcare system. My colleagues and I agree that Culinary Medicine is the key to solving this challenge,” said Dr. Irl B. Hirsch, Professor of Medicine, UW Medicine Diabetes Institute and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board at Healthy Meals Supreme.


Dr. Hirsch concluded, “Food choices can hurt you and they can help you. Let’s look to the positive. There is clear scientific evidence that eating nutritionally appropriate meals will improve your well-being and will also lead to the decrease in many medical expenses.  This is the case because when you are eating according to recommended guidelines, you support your medical therapy instead of fighting it. Data shows that effective eating, culinary therapy, and medically-tailored meals has a statistically significant better rate of clinical success.”


The following are the Key Opinion Leader medical round table’s 7 recommendations for Health Systems and Payers to promote the maintenance of healthful behaviors during the course of a person’s life and proactively address the behavior-changes needed for at-risk populations:


  1. Expand dietary and nutritional education at all levels



  1. Implement decision support tools to alert clinicians when a referral to culinary therapy or Medically Tailored Meals may be warranted.


  1. Continue with evidence-based payer-supported and clinician-initiated approaches that can be readily assimilated and which are already helping patients connect with neighborhood resources such as:
    1. community center programs
    2. farmer’s markets
    3. online communities that promote healthy lifestyle change.


  1. Enlist allied health professionals and/or train existing staff members, such as medical assistants, in culinary medicine strategies, to fortify and sustain clinician-driven efforts.


  1. Promote more holistically, attitudinal shifts that move beyond the prevailing assumption that the individual is making the “wrong” food choices.


  1. Stress the pleasures of healthy food consumption.


  1. Proactively encourage people’s relationships with and responses to food so that it evolves along a continuum of self-sufficiency—ranging from hands-on food preparation to the provision of prepared medically tailored meals in outpatient situations as needed.


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