Four Foods that Make People Look Older and Why

By, Joe Martinez, RPh, PDE, CMS

Contributor, Emily Simmons

What if you could eat your way to a younger feeling and looking you? Do such foods exist? Can this work?

The short answer is yes. Consider food as medicine. Yes medicine.

In fact, there is an entire academic discipline devoted to the study of food as medicine called Culinary Medicine. 

Today we take a look at what types of food to avoid and which to seek out to help us feel and perhaps even look better and younger. 

To begin, here are four foods that the  American Academy of Dermatology suggest we avoid:

  1. Sweets. I am sure no one is surprised by this one. Sugary foods, like candy, ice cream and even soda have never been considered ‘good’ for one’s body. The reason sugar is bad for your skin is because it interferes with collagen and elastin, which are the skin’s favorite proteins. When sugar is broken down it binds to collagen.  This binding to collagen can cause wrinkles and sagging of the skin. 
  2. Alcohol. We know how alcohol affects our liver, but do we know how the liver effects our body? When the liver is functioning normally, it filters out toxins that harm our skin. When we drink alcohol, those toxins can build up and can cause a variety of issues, like acne or wrinkles.
  3. Charred meat. Collagen also plays a role in charred meat. The black char on meat contains pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons, which can break down and damage collagen. No need to stop grilling, just scrape off that black char and continue enjoying your grilled favorites! Okay, so maybe not for summer B-B-Qs!
  4. Salty foods. The more salt we eat, the more water our cells lose because they are trying to neutralize the salt intake in our bodies. This can cause a swollen and bloated type of feeling. Along with this type of feeling, salt can also dehydrate our skin.  

Now here’s the good news, there are foods that can help us to be and look our best selves, and perhaps even younger.

Some of those foods include: extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), green tea, vegetables, dark chocolate (see blog), avocados (really, really good), and pomegranates.

And always remember to “Drink your Water!” because water plays a major role in cleansing our bodies and regenerating our cells. Hydration is always a must.



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