6 Ways to Improve Your Home Cooking

By Executive Chef Richard Sloan

Did you ever wonder why the recipe you got online or from your favorite restaurant doesn’t taste the same when you try to prepare it at home? It’s usually just a few common cooking mistakes that cause the recipe to go south in a hurry. Here are some handy tips that will help your recipes taste better and become the talk of the town, or family!.



Read the Whole Recipe Before You Start Cooking.

Not reading the entire recipe before you begin cooking can ruin the whole recipe.  You are likely to leave out many steps or ingredients, for example, marinate overnight or simmer for two hours before proceeding with the rest.  If you read the recipe through first, you will be well prepared for requirements of the dish.


Put Everything in Place First or as the French say “Mise En Place”. Have all your ingredients gathered, prepped, and ready to go BEFORE you turn on the heat.  


Taste As You Go. Recipes don’t always call for the “right” amount of seasoning. Cooking times should be considered estimates, and results will vary depending on your ingredients and appliances.


Use the Right Pan. Overcrowded food in a pan will alter the taste and texture of your food.  Give it a little more room!


Make Sure Your Pan Is Hot Enough.

If the goal is to sauté, there will be a lovely sizzle when you put your food in the pan. No sizzle means that your pan is not hot enough.


Stop Turning, Poking and Flipping Your Food.  Allow your food to cook undisturbed. It’s not burning, it’s gaining flavor.

Happy Cooking!

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